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Nov 7, 2009 7:00pm EST
>>> tonight an "issues "special presentation. cases that changed america. for the next hour i'll examine high profile trials that for bet are or for worse forever altered america's justice system. from the spectacle of the michael jackson molestation trial, where he was found not guilty on all counts. the media circus outside the courtroom, as bizarre as the twists and turns on the witness stand. i'll analyze how celebrity complicates cases in this 24/7 news culture and whether a different standard of justice applies to stars. >>> to trials that create celebrity. scott peterson killed his pregnant wife but before he was sentenced to death in 2006, he became a pop culture phenomenon. this strange case showed us that a horrific crime in anytown usa can grip the entire nation. >>> plus, we'll look at the most infamous celebrity trial of them all, o.j. simpson's double murder trial. all the evidence pointed to simpson in the double murder of his ex-wife nicole, and her friend ron goldman. but o.j. was amazingly acquitted. the case ushered in the era of legal television, key player
Nov 28, 2009 7:00pm EST
. >> this is "america and the courts." next, a panel of supreme court scholars talk about recent changes to the high court, including the retirement of justice souter and the addition of justice sotomayor. the institute of associates program hosted this discussion earlier this month in washington d.c. this is an hour portion of the event. >> i had a discussion with justice o'connor, went on and on about how he was universally loved by all of them. he was a great storyteller, with a great set of tales about life in new hampshire. too many out there, you think of him as a recluse. he had a reputation, he did not socialize much in washington. he would eat by himself, his apple and yogurt. but he had a good relationship with colleagues and was quite active on the bench, quite forceful. he was not at all is quiet, shy retiree as you might think of him socially. the colleagues i talked to recently were on the daily basis of his absence. >> to me, he asked incredibly insightful crash since the questions. you could have a conversation with him based on the substance of what he said, but not because he was a
Nov 21, 2009 7:00pm EST
-span's "america & the courts." next, a case on gun rights and an appeal by a former enron executive. the smithsonian institute hosted this discussion earlier this month in washington, d.c. >> we will turn first to the case that was argued this past october, just argued this past november. then we will talk about some cases coming up in a few months. the want to start with the october case and talk about the citizens united case. >> this case came on september 9 for a special session, very rare. it is citizens united. it started back in 2008 with a film, it was a movie, and then this group wanted to show it as a video on demand, essentially anti-hillary clinton documentary, called hillary the movie, put out by citizens united in the 2008 primary when she was trying for the presidential nomination. the election commission said it is cannot offer this as video on demand right before the election because it is essentially a campaign ad. the best thing that they say is she looks good in a pant suit. it is an attack film, essentially, but it brings to the for the political issues. it was
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3